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Creating the right image

Case Studies / clients

Our clients have included:

    Shell UK Oil Products Limited
        Indexing and scanning of proof of product delivery documentation

    The National Coal Board
        The scanning and printing of Due Diligence documents for privatisation

    Credit Suisse
    Morgan Stanley, London, New York and Tokyo
        The scanning of contract and deal documentation on clients' premises

        Scanning of telecomms routing documents

    CDA (Common Data Access Initiative) a consortium of over 30 Oil Companies
        The cataloguing and scanning of the entire UKCS well datastore

    Shell Exploration and Production
        Scanning of management minutes

    Perenco UK
        Scanning of Technical Reports

    Premier Oil

        Scanning of personnel records

    Wintershall, Germany
        Cataloguing and scanning of geophysical data on client's premises

    Saudi Geophysical Services / Saudi Aramco
        Project management to catalogue and scan geophysical data on client's premises

    Lasmo Oil and Gas
        Scanning of technical reports, contracts and accounts documents

    Saga Petroleum
        Scanning of Due Diligence data, management of Data Rooms

    Enterprise Oil
        Scanning of contracts and agreements on client's premises

    Compass Catering
        Scanning of contract documents on client's premises

    Woking Borough Council
        Scanning of Planning, Building Control, Housing Benefits, Accounts,
        Road Maintenance documents and drawings

    Guildford Borough Council
        Planning and Building Control scanning

    Essex County Council
    West Berkshire County Council
        Scanning of 2D and 3D items for East of England and South of England
        Sense of Place Government Initiative

    Wandsworth Council

    Geological Survey of Ireland
    Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
        Scanning of geological maps and technical documents

    London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

    Waterways Ireland
        Non-contact scanning of technical drawings on client's premises

    Pearson Pensions
        Scanning of personal records

    Zurich Re-Insurance


    Channel 4
        Scanning of contract documentation

    Rank Brimar
        Scanning of technical drawings on client's premises